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Tools and Materials for your Events

When was the last time you threw the forest a party? 2011 is your chance!  The IYOF toolkit provides all the necessary materials to host an event from an Event Host Guide and Sample Press Release to Event Signage and Collateral (t-shirt templates and more!).

The toolkit also provides materials for those interested in simply spreading awareness about IYOF including Banner Ads, E-Greeting Cards and a Draft Proclamation for governors and mayors. 

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Host Documents

Draft Proclamation
Draft Proclamation

Have a governor or mayor proclaim an official day to celebrate trees.

Draft Resolution
Draft Resolution

Have a state legislature resolve an official day to celebrate trees.

Event Host Guide
Event Host Guide

Step by step guide to hosting an event.

Event Talking Points
Event Talking Points

Learn talking points about IYOF for any event.

Fact Sheet
Media Fact Sheet

Learn the basic facts of the IYOF to spread at your event.

Sample News Release
Sample Press Release

Use this news release template to solicit press for your event.

Digital Materials

Celebrate Forests Banner
Celebrate Forests Banner Ad

"Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life."

Don't Forget Your Roots Banner
Don't Forget Your Roots Banner Ad

"Don't Forget Your Roots."

Let's Party Banner
Let's Party Banner Ad

"Let's Party Like it's [tree ring]."

Oldest Landmarks Banner Ad
Landmarks Banner Ad

"The oldest landmarks in your neighborhood weren't built. They were grown."

E-Greeting Cards

Email your friends, family or coworkers an e-greeting card to celebrate IYOF!

E-Mail Template
E-Mail Template

Send a branded E-mail blast with this template. Simply insert your text into the E-mail's body.

Video Branding
IYOF Video Branding

Three second video clip to be used at the beginning or end of your videos.

Print Materials

Let's Party! Poster
Let's Party! Poster

High resolution poster explaining IYOF.

Party Like It's... Poster
Party Like It's... Poster

High resolution poster encouraging people to celebrate.

International Year of Forests T-Shirt
T-Shirt Template

Download art to print IYOF t-shirts.

See Who Celebrated the Year of Forests


Campaign Highlights

  • The official U.S. celebration of IYOF, “Celebrate Forests. Celebrate Life.” launched on March 1, 2011 in DC.
  • 115 events were held in 34 states and 1 territory.
  • Two states and one town made official IYOF proclamations.
  • First Annual National Walk in the Woods Day was held on May 21, 2011.
  • IYOF Photography Fellow visits 6 states and is documented in Huffington Post and Grist.
  • UNEP and UN Ambassador Don Cheadle creates "Supporting Forests" PSA.

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